Generation Impact 2030: for a better tomorrow

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The association Generation Female, based in Milan, continues its efforts to promote positive social change and responsible business practices to the next level, with the launch of Generation Impact 2030 (GI2030): an ESG (environmental, social and governance) certification standard for companies, independently verified and with global benchmarks, the first of its kind in Italy.

A timely and up-to-date initiative in the current global movement towards sustainability and social responsibility, GI2030 is based on the recognition that companies play an increasingly critical role in shaping and influencing the future. GI2030 therefore aims to support companies in the commitment, creation and communication of a better tomorrow, with sustainability, inclusiveness and responsibility as the basis for forward-looking growth and long-term value creation.

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GI2030 is committed to complying with the highest standards of ethical and ESG conduct, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and with the main global ESG standards and assessments. Recognizing the holistic and interconnected nature of various ESG domains, the GI2030 standards are based on 4 key pillars: governance, people, planet and prosperity. Action in one area often affects results in others as well, so GI2030 encourages companies to aspire to high standards of policies, processes and performance across all 4 pillars.

GI2030 is unique in its global reach and emphasis on third party verified audit. Companies must undergo an independent third-party audit process before they can receive GI2030 certification, in order to ensure a complete and transparent assessment and that the GI2030 seal is a visible representation of a reliable and rigorous standard. There are four levels of GI2030 certification (Commitment, Merit, Distinction and Pro-Distinction) to recognize the efforts and progress of companies and the certification is valid for two years to ensure and evaluate continuous improvement. To begin, the GI2030 certification will be verified by Intertek, a leading and trusted provider of total quality assurance to industries around the world, with over 130 years of experience.

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The launch of GI2030 couldn’t come at a better time. Not only in Italy, where there is a growing governmental emphasis on reporting and certification in areas such as gender equality (which is addressed by the GI2030 People pillar), but all over the world, where investors, employees and consumers are increasingly demanding that companies act in a more targeted and responsible way.

The founder of the Generation Female Non-Profit Association and Generation Impact 2030, Anna Shpak, explained: “Generation Impact 2030 is more than just a certificate – it will serve as the foundation and roadmap for a company’s ESG strategy and goals. It is also a clear and powerful statement of commitment and responsibility for positive impact and sustainable value creation. With several companies already starting the process of obtaining their certification, I am extremely happy to see so many organizations leading the way to improve the way business is conducted, how people are treated and what impact is produced. “

Source: Vanity Fair

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