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Genesis, the immersive show in Milan that tells how the world was born

«Let there be light!». And there was light […]. And it was evening and it was morning: first day. Thus begins the book of Genesis, which narrates the Creation of the Universe. And it is precisely this famous incipit that inspires a new and beautiful one immersive show, Genesis, recently arrived in Milan.

After touring Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, Genesis – this is the title of the show – has been underway in Milan since 15 September, at the Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster Housewhere it will continue until a few days before Christmas.

It’s a time travel discovering the first days after the creation of our planet, the one in which visitors immerse themselves, thanks to the strength of video mapping technology and the power of surround sound.

The light show is projected on the walls and ceiling of the Pio XIII hall, it lasts about 30 minutes and is divided into days, just like in the book of Genesis. In the first three moments of the show the 4 natural elements are described: light, water, earth and plants. Every day is accompanied by musical compositions chosen and designed to accompany visitors on a journey so engaging that it is also an opportunity for reflection. For example, the first part of Day 3 is accompanied by Die Vorstellung des Chaos by Joseph Haydn, The conception of Chaos. On this day, the land separated from the water, and the dynamic changes of the orchestral piece reflect the process of transformation of the landscape.

The show was created by the Swiss artist collective Projektil and Fever, a platform specializing in live entertainment. The first day tells the story of the separation between light and darkness, with the background of Urlicht aus Des Knaben WunderhornOf Gustav Mahler, played by Christiane Ivan. On the second day, sky and ocean were separated, with music Airspace & Water created by Projektil. The third day tells of the separation between ocean and land which is entrusted to the notes of Die Vorstellung des ChaosOf Haydin and performed by the orchestra of Christopher Hogwood’s Academy of Ancient Music. In the second part of the story of the 3rd day the formation of plants and trees is told. Haydin always accompanies the show with: Singt dem Herren alle Stimmeninterpreted by Purcell Choir, Orpheus Orchestra. In the last part of the show, called, Meditation bright lanterns will be projected, the symbol of the light of burning candles, generally interpreted in religious contexts as the soul. The accompanying music, created by Projektil, is called New Wonders.

Tickets are available on official site or on the Fever app.

To know

Casa Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster, Salone Pio XII (via Sant’Antonio 5, 20122 Milan).
Friday from 7pm to 10pm, Saturday from 6pm to 10pm, Sunday from 6pm to 9pm.
Adults (+18), starting from €13; boys (10-17), starting from 9; children (5-9), from €7. Seniors (65+) and groups from €11.

Source: Vanity Fair

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