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George Clooney jokes about quarantine with his children: “My hobbies? I wash dishes and do laundry “

George Clooney Jokes About Quarantine With His Children: “my Hobbies?

George Clooney e Amal Alamuddin they are living the era coronavirus, watch twins Ella and Alexander, 4 years old in January, in their villa in the United States. And now, Fr.arlando child W Magazine, the star joked about quarantine with his wife and children: «I can tell what they are my new hobbies: two or three loads of laundry a day, washing dishes all day. Why these kids are just slobs. Apparently you have to wash your children every now and then… ».

The actor also revealed that during the lockdown he improvised a hairdresser: «I cut my hair, and also my son’s.

But my daughter’s don’t. She is beautiful, her hair is very long. If I do damage by cutting my son’s hair, never mind, it will grow back. But my wife would kill if I touched our daughter’s hair».

The fifty-nine-year-old star had joked about his paternity too during the last interview granted to CBS Sunday Morning. «Amal and I had never talked about the possibility of having children. Then we went to the doctor, we did the ultrasound and they said: “It’s a boy”. I exclaimed: “A child, great!”. Then they added: “And here’s another one …”. But I … I was ready for one, wasn’t I? I am old! I stood petrified for ten minutes looking at the photo, repeating the word “two” in my mind ».

Anecdotes aside, the actor has repeatedly confessed that the marriage with Amal and the birth of the twins have filled his existence: “I had never been in the position where someone else’s life was infinitely more important to me than mine».



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