George Clooney reveals what his son does to make him laugh every morning

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George Clooney is one of those dad (vip) who doesn’t expect the world to bow to his little ones. On the contrary when the twins Ella and Alexander, who are now four years old, were still babies, they also distributed sets of earplugs to other passengers on the plane apologizing for incoming cries and cries. The irony, which distinguishes the star of E.R. and who has probably conquered his wife Amal, has certainly amplified during the adventure of fatherhood. And, although he recently asked the newspapers not to photograph children and not to disseminate their images publicly, then he enjoys revealing some behind the scenes of home life.

Recently on the podcast WTF con Marc Maron he told of the little ones: «They are really funny, they make jokes on me all the time and their ideas are already quite clear». One of the favorite moments of the day of the actor and director remains the awakening, which the son has transformed into an irresistible curtain. Every morning, in fact, at eight o’clock, the same scene is repeated.

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The child knocks on the door, the father asks who is at the door and he replies very seriously: “It’s me, Alexander Clooney.” Then George lets him in and he rushes into the bedroom jumping and running. The actor’s heart melts every holy time and in fact he commented that he laughed out loud as if seeing all this for the first time.

To tell the truth, he was the one who taught children tricks, including spoonfuls of Nutella on diapers and pretending they are dirty in the presence of guests. At that point Clooney father says he wants to take care of it and tastes it. The idea, explained the actor in an interview with People, is precisely that of upsetting his wife Amal. Not that the lawyer is easily impressionable, mind you, but he tries anyway.

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This splendid sixty-year-old from Kentucky married her in second marriage in 2014 in Venice (it seems that she left him on his knees for twenty minutes before accepting the proposal) but, he always declared during the transmission of the same podcast, he did not have the slightest intention to return to the altar. «I really didn’t think about it – he said – e I didn’t even want to become a father, but then this extraordinary creature appeared in my life and I fell madly in love. As soon as I saw it I realized that everything would be different ». Just a year after the wedding they decided they wanted to become parents, despite the fact that they had just visited a friend who had noisy and unmanageable children. Yet soon after Clooney took his wife aside and confessed to her: “We have been blatantly lucky in life, lucky to find us. It would be incredible to share all this with others ». The wife thought about it for a moment and agreed, but they were thinking of a child, certainly not two.

The arrival of the twins has doubled the joys and worries, but Clooney has been practicing for years, as a kind of step-uncle of the sons of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, among his best friends.

The surprises of paternity, however, as he explained to E! News’s Daily Pop, they never end, for example Clooney still does not explain why children speak Italian very well, while he and Amal for nothing. The little ones are bilingual, by now they seem like little adults and he keeps saying that the joys of Hollywood are little compared to domestic happiness. He confirms that he’s glad he waited over 50 to start a family and claims they keep him young. And, to look at the photos on the red carpet of the new film The Tender Bar, he is quite right.


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