George Clooney’s tequila that celebrities like has arrived in Italy

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«With ice, but also smooth»: George Clooney he confessed that “tequila” (this is how connoisseurs call it, in the masculine, because it is a liqueur) drinks it like this, but is not satisfied with just any one. He is so demanding that, after having tried so many and all different ones, he has not found even one that fully convinces him and for this reason, with Verge Gerber, entrepreneur in the restaurant business (and husband of Cindy Crawford), created his own: this is how it was born Casamigos, the celebrity tequila that has now also arrived in Italy.

A name that means the “House of friends”, because Casamigos is the result of a beautiful story of friendship – for no other reason has it been approved by the friends of the two partners, involved in tasting after tasting to find the perfect formula (arrived after tasting 800 test bottles) – and because that sophisticated taste is the result of a artisanal production method and processing of the blue agave harvested by hand, which makes it an ideal distillate to enjoy sip after sip, to spend time with friends and certainly drinking well.

“Casamigos – said Clooney – is a tequila with a soft taste, which can do without ice, salt, lemon. An ideal tequila to savor in company“. Since it was born, it has never been lacking for connoisseurs, and the VIPs are among the first to appreciate it. This summer, in the most beautiful villas in the Costa Smeralda, symbol of the golden Italian holidays, land celebrities toasted with Casamigos in the most special moments of encounter: among them the former footballers Claudio Marchisio and Fabio Borriello, the model and influencer Mariano Di Vaio, the influencer Veronica Ferraro, the digital entrepreneur Gresy Daniilidis, the entrepreneur Guglielmo Miani.

They are some of the protagonists of «House of friends»: A series of events to experience the authentic spirit of Casamigos, a tequila to drink together, in a relaxed atmosphere, forgetting the routine. They tasted it during unforgettable dinners with cocktails and shots and paired with gourmet dishes, they learned to know it and to mix it in masterclass to prepare excellent cocktails, enjoyed it during wonderful pool parties.

Meanwhile Casamigos has made it unique too evenings among the beaches and the most chic clubs of the Costa Smeralda: from Nikki Beach to Porto Cervo’s Phi Beach, with their enchanting sand dunes overlooking one of the bluest seas on the island, as well as some of the most sought-after restaurants, such as Pacifico Rosemary, IT, Coffee Pot, Meraki . A “drin” a la Casamigos Bell and a taste of Casamigos Reposado, the tequila that rests 7 months, with a soft taste with notes of caramel and cocoa, perfect to be tasted alone. Alternatively, guests could serve themselves directly at the table, independently, with a splash of grapefruit soda to personalize their Casamigos cocktail: the Casa Paloma, with Casamigos Blanco, fresh and clean flavor with hints of citrus, vanilla and sweet agave. vanilla and sweet agave.

You can see their images in the gallery above and their social networks, with the hashtags #casamigosxsardegna, #casamigos, #houseoffriends #casamigostequila: the same ones to use every time with a glass of Casamigos you want to enjoy the best tequila and life in company.

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