George Mikhailovich and the first “yes” to Rebecca Bettarini: the wedding photos

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The wedding was set for the first of October. But Rebecca Bettarini, the thirty-five-year-old Italian whose last heiress of the tsars asked for her hand, wanted to anticipate the times. “We said да,” the daughter of Ambassador Roberto Bettarini wrote online, who George Mikhailovich he met in Brussels, during a party at the French embassy.

“We got married in a civil ceremony in Moscow. Now we are ready for the religious wedding, which will be held in St. Petersburg, ”continued Bettarini, to whom the proposal arrived last summer.

“We were supposed to fly to Spain and visit George’s mother, who lives in Madrid. He insisted that we make a stop in Brussels: it was there that he had hidden the ring », a jewel of the land registry in which two diamonds surround, on a yellow gold band, a cabochon ruby. «In his plans there was a romantic dinner for two that I, unaware, I ‘ruined’ by inviting a mutual friend. The next morning, at the airport, he said to me: “I would have liked to give it to you last night, in the city where we met. We have traveled a lot together, but the most beautiful journey is the one we will start now, if you say yes ”, recalled Bettarini, who could only give a positive answer to Mikahilovich’s indirect question. The same one that will have to repeat next Friday, with the crowned heads of half the world to be witnesses.

The religious ceremony, as announced by the spouses, will host among others the Dukes of Kent, the royals of Spain, Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy elformer empress of Iran, Farah. Then, royals from Monegasque, Belgium and Bhutan. “It will be an international wedding,” promised the couple, who have been tied for ten years.

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