German Foreign Ministry: ‘High risk’ of cyberattacks due to war in Ukraine

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Federal Home Secretary Nancy Pfizer (SPD), speaking to Handelsblatt, sees many possibilities for amending the basic law to give the federal government more power in cyber defense. “My impression is that there is also strong support in the L .nder for the federal government to play a leading role in cyber security,” he said.

“Complex, transnational threats of cyber-attacks can only be effectively addressed by the federal government.” With the National Cyber ​​Defense Center and the capabilities of the security authorities gathered there, there is “great know-how”.

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According to Faeser, there is now a “high risk” of Russian cyber-attacks as a result of the war in Ukraine. “There is ongoing cyber activity that affects our businesses, but also critical infrastructure,” she said. “Hackers are obviously looking for vulnerabilities to install malware.” That is why protection measures have been “significantly strengthened”, he added.

The Russian embassy in Berlin has been accused by the minister of spreading false news about Russia’s offensive war against Ukraine. “Some internet platforms offer ideal conditions for disinformation and war propaganda campaigns. The Russian embassy also uses it,” Faeser told Handelsblatt.

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Source: Capital

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