Germany: AfD leader resigns, denouncing “heresy” on pandemic

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J Μόrg Moyten today submitted his resignation from the leadership of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), thus marking the – albeit temporary – end of the party’s internal struggle for direction.

Mr. Moyten, its leader AfD since 2015, he had opposed the radicalization of parts of the party and sought to move to more moderate policies. Leaving, the former head of AfD claimed that especially on the issue of the coronavirus pandemic had developed “heresy logic». Many of the party officials refused to be vaccinated, while they had adopted some of the conspiracy theorists around the coronavirus. J Μόrg Moyten himself announced last summer that he had been vaccinated, only to receive harsh criticism from within the party. «People need to be able to decide for themselves“, He had stated then. In 2020, at the party congress, Mr. Moyten had warned of the danger of the AfD aligning itself fully with the negative movement.

In the same vein, Mr Moyten had clashed with the far-right wing of his party, led by AfD Thuringia, Bjνrn Hecke. The wing was officially disbanded in 2020, but has since regained significant strength. “Some parts of the AfD are not based on a free democratic constitutional basis. The heart of the party beats very right. “I see clearly authoritarian tones there,” J Μόrg Moyten told Germany’s first public television channel ARD today.

Among Moyten’s internal party rivals are parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel and his former co-chair, Timo Hroupala. «Hroupala, Weidel, Gowland (former head of the AfD Central Committee), Hecke, will be very happy today that I finally left. They have been trying for this for a long time“, Added Mr. Moyten.

In 2015, along with J Μόrg Moyten, Frauke Petri was elected party leader, who also proved to be too moderate for the AfD. After the 2017 elections, she became independent, criticizing some of her colleagues for “strange positions”, alluding to racist views.

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