Germany: “coveted bride” the Ministry of Finance with would-be “suitors” FDP and Greens

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The “Apple of Dispute” between the Greens and the Liberals (FDP) is the Ministry of Finance of the possible “traffic light” coalition government in Germany. Although all leaders insist that their negotiations are not about individuals at the moment, but only about the substance of politics, the FDP leader, Christian Lindner left on Sunday night (17/10) to imply that his party is interested in the specific ministry.

“For me, the important thing is one: each of the partners must be able to have an influence. There is the Chancellery, there is the Ministry of Finance, there is the new Ministry of Climate. “And I’m of the opinion that each partner should be able to function in a formative way,” said Lindner, stressing at the same time that the discussion on the division of ministries should not be made public. Previously, the vice president of his party, Wolfgang Button and the General Manager of K.O. Marco Bushman had been directly in favor of the assumption of the Ministry of Finance by their leader. In addition, a senior FDP official reportedly told Reuters that as a result of the investigative talks, everything was leading Christian Lindner to the Treasury Department.

For their part, however, the Greens also expressed their interest in the ministry, according to the APE-MPE. The co-chair Robert Hubeck He said the finance ministry was “very important” and that his party had very different budget positions from the FDP. “But it does not help to speculate about persons. It is a matter of honesty, but also of political acumen “, he noted.

But Christian Lindner’s reference to the prospect of founding new Ministry of Climate Change however, provoked the reaction of the SPD co-chair Norbert Walter-Bourgeois. “We are not talking now about how each ministry will be cut and sewn. “And I expect that we will do what we have said, we will talk about the substance first,” he stressed.

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