Germany: Green light for the Liberals in the government under Olaf Solz

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A new stage was passed today by the future German coalition government with the green light of the FDP Liberals in alliance with the SPD Social Democrats and the Greens to replace the government of Angela Merkel.

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Following the approval of the SPD members yesterday at the congress, 92.2% of the almost 660 members of the FDP gave the green light to the alliance today.

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The Greens are expected to give their consent tomorrow, Monday.

The German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) is due to go to the polls on Wednesday (December 8th) to elect Social Democrat Chancellor Olaf Solz, ending Angela Merkel’s 16 years in power.

Encouraging FDP members to support the coalition, party leader Christian Lindner said the new government deal was a “new beginning for Germany”.

“Germany is waiting for this new beginning,” added Lindner, who is set to become finance minister and maintain an orthodox line on public deficits.

As a result of a compromise, the coalition agreement negotiated by the three parties promotes environmental protection, mainly with an early exit “ideally” from coal in 2030, compared to 2038 previously.

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Source From: Capital

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