Germany: He refused to serve him because he was not wearing a mask and killed him

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It has provoked strong reactions in Germany the murder of a 20-year-old employee at a gas station in Germany on the occasion of the use mask for coronavirus. In particular, a 49-year-old shot the employee because he refused to serve him as he was not wearing a mask.

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The alleged perpetrator, who later stated that he did not comply with the restrictive measures, was remanded in custody.

According to the Athenian News Agency, the 20-year-old employee of the gas station had refused to serve the 49-year-old who wanted to buy a package of beers, because he was not wearing a mask. Annoyed, the 49-year-old left, leaving the beers at the counter. He returned an hour and a half later, this time wearing the mask, which he took off when he arrived at the cash register to provoke the cashier’s reaction. After receiving once again the order to put on his mask correctly, the client he pulled a revolver out of his pocket and fired the student who died instantly, the police clarified.

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The suspect appeared the next day at the local police station and said that he felt “squeezed” by the measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic and that he saw “no other way out”, said yesterday the prosecutor Kai Firman.

Police then searched his apartment where he found the crime weapon as well as other firearms and ammunition.

The reactions

The mayor of Indar-Oberstein, Frank Freihauf, spoke of a “abominable» energy while the residents of the area where the incident took place, residents laid flowers and candles in front of the gas station.

Georgia’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU’s Agriculture Minister Julia Klokner said the killing was “shocking».

Catherine Goring Eckhardt, an ecologist, said: “deeply shocked “ from the murder which, as he said, is “the barbaric result of hatred”.

Police did not say whether the man belonged to the Querdenker movement, which has become the main voice of criticism against health restrictions in Germany.

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