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Germany: Our priority is to reduce inflation, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lindner

Finance Minister Christian Lindner spoke of a “reversal” of the government’s fiscal policy in view of the increase in interest rates and spoke of a “steep wall” in front of us. He highlighted the reduction of inflation as an absolute priority.

The state will have to estimate 30 billion euros in interest, up from 4 billion last year. “This is a message. We can no longer afford the extra debt,” Linder told the German Industry Association (BDI) Industry Day and reiterated his call for a “debt relief”.

“Our priority right now is to fight inflation. A lot of people understand that when they open their fridge,” he said. is at a record high for Germany. “Not everything is done together, priorities must be prioritized. Prosperity must first be created so that politicians can spend it,” he said.

Mr Lindner again rejected calls for the oil companies to be taxed at a higher profit, saying “this is how we would hand over German tax legislation to arbitrariness” and that there would be no increase in the maximum tax rate for light funding. lower incomes. “This would be nothing but sabotage of our country’s economic recovery,” he said, referring to similar proposals by the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens. The finance minister also said that Germany would not agree to a European ban on the sale of cars with internal combustion engines after 2035, as, as he said, electricity will not be able to be introduced everywhere until then.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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