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Germany – poll: Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is the most popular politician

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is Germany’s most popular politician, while the performance of Foreign Minister Analena Berbock (Greens) is particularly low. The majority of citizens still express their satisfaction with the work of Chancellor Olaf Solz.

According to the regular Deutschlandtrend poll on behalf of the first channel of the German public television ARD, Karl Lauterbach received 66% positive opinions, followed by Olaf Solz with 60% and the leader of the Liberals (FDP) and Minister of Finance with 49% . In 4th place is the co-chair of the Greens and Minister of Economy with 48%, in 5th place the new co-chair of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Lars Klingbail with 34% and in 6th place are shared by 32% the newly elected leader of the Christian Democrat Party (CDR) and Foreign Minister Analena Berbock.

In the same survey, 60% of citizens say “satisfied” and “very satisfied” by the new Chancellor. In comparison, in the corresponding period of 2005, the then newly elected Chancellor Angela Merkel received 59% of positive opinions, while Gerhard Schroeder in January 1998 received 56%. From the government as a whole, however, “satisfied” and “very satisfied” say today the respondents in a percentage of 46%.

Regarding the planned limitation of the quarantine period for confirmed cases and for people who have come in contact with them, 67% of Germans agree with the measure, while 27% consider it wrong.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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