Germany: The increase in fuel also brings increases in beer

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Due to the shortage of raw materials and the consequent increase in their prices, consumers in Germany should also be prepared to increase its prices of beer, according to the domestic Brewers Association.

As stated by the Union CEO, Holger Eichele In an interview to be published in full in tomorrow’s issue of the Düsseldorf newspaper “Rheinische Post”, “beverage makers are totally affected by the shortage and rising price of individual components and raw materials. Across the industry, cost increases in many sectors are so widespread that they are likely to have impact at prices sooner or later “.

“The supply of beer is guaranteed, but the Brewers’ Association is watching with increasing concern the extreme price jumps for individual raw materials. Especially barley is currently expensive and there is a shortage of it. During the year, prices rose by about 50%. In addition, malt production is energy demanding. “With rising energy costs, as we are experiencing at the moment, the cost of malt is also rising,” Eichele explained.

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