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Germany: The largest pilot program of 4-day work without a reduction in salary goes into operation

When we refer to the optimization of the productivity of the workers in Europe, then the eyes turn to Germany. The workforce of German businesses works the fewest hours on average on the continent, but they are also the most productive and even as the country’s economy faces a slowdown, the largest 4-day pilot program is being rolled out work.

As reported by Deutsche Welle, the majority of workers support the 4-day work, as long as there is no reduction in salary. Analytically, in a survey conducted by the Hans-Bockler Foundation, 73% of workers said they only wanted four-day work if their pay remained the same, 8% would accept a lower wage, while 17% rejected the reduced working week altogether work.

Britain has already done something similar. Since 2019, the non-profit organization 4 Day Week Global has been running such pilot programs in countries such as Britain, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

On the other, workers in Greece – according to the latest data from Eurostat – work more hours than the rest of the Europeans with more than 40 hours a week.

The balance between work and personal life

From last Thursday, September 21, interested companies began to submit applications to participate in the four-day work pilot program, which will last from February to December 2024 and will be similar to the one carried out in 2022 in Britain. There, a total of 61 companies reduced their working days to four per week, keeping employee wages stable as well..

The companies participating in the pilot program in Germany will implement a planning and integration phase two months before the start of the four-day work, during which they will be provided with guidance on how to organize work and communication methods.

However, the program does not only aim to improve the everyday life of employees, but also the environment. In the second phase, companies start implementing four-day work.

During the six months this will last, employees will be asked to regularly answer questionnaires about how reduced hours affect productivity and work-life balance. Then, these results will be analyzed.

Source: News Beast

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