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Germany: The president of the ARD resigned after complaints

The director of the Berlin-Brandenburg radio station RBB, Patricia Schlesinger, announced her resignation from the presidency of the first channel of the German public television ARD late last night, under the burden of allegations of nepotism and corruption and while an independent investigation is underway.

The complaints concern, among other things, private dinners that were billed as business, the use of a company car worth 145,000 euros with equipment such as massage seats, but also the preferential treatment of Mrs. Schlesinger’s husband in the case of the award of a construction project by RBB. In addition, the increase in the salary of the director of RBB to 300,000 euros caused criticism.

The chairmanship of ARD is assumed for 1+1 year by the head of one of the companies belonging to the first channel, such as RBB. After Mrs. Schlesinger’s resignation, the chairmanship until the end of the year is assumed by the director of the West German Broadcasting Service (WDR), Tom Buroff. At the General Assembly to be held in September in Bremen, the next president will be chosen. South German Radio (SWR) has already expressed its interest in the position.

The allegations against Ms. Schlesinger are being investigated by a law firm, which will present its findings in a few weeks.


Source: Capital

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