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Germany: We will not back down on the issue of Ukraine just because of the energy crisis, says the Minister of Economy

THE Germany will not back down on the issue of the Ukraine war, despite the energy crisisemphasizes the Minister of Economy Robert Habeck, addressing the Russian president Vladimir Putinwho, as he says, “he must see with calmness how effective this government and this democracy is».

If the need arises, we will continue to act with the same consistency and speed“, Mr. Habeck tells Welt am Sonntag and points out that despite the 25% reduction in natural gas consumption, the production of German industry has only decreased by 1.4%.

“This shows that it is possible to have an efficiency gain. Under price pressure, we are able to provide responses consistent with market economy conditions. This shows how resilient the country is“, states Robert Habeck and concludes: “Anyone who says that Germany will deindustrialize is making calculations without the determination of the federal government”, characteristically says “green» Minister of Economy.

Source: News Beast

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