Giada Todesco: «Getting out of eating disorders is possible. Also thanks to an app “

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Starting from a life experience that left a scar to revolutionize one’s existence and try to do it for others as well. From this assumption it was born a year ago MyCherry Appthe free app that teaches people a tidy up, organize and monitor your lifestyle. The creator is Giada TodescoInstagram influencer with almost 500,000 followers, who deals with conveying the importance of leading a healthy life, eating well, taking care of one’s body and mind, loving each other, in short.

An awareness that Giada arrived later on having overcome the problems related to eating disorders who accompanied her during her adolescence and thanks to which she conceived MyCherry Appmore than a container of advice, a real community in which to find support from a team of experts – food bloggers, fitness trainers, chemists, pilates trainers, psychologists, nutritionists … – to try to create your own happy & healthy lifestyle. Entering the app means trying an experience guided by serenity, love, acceptance, positivity, totally free from food-related worries. Precisely for this reason it was omitted calorie countfor instance.

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We chatted with Giada to get to know her better, but also to understand the project behind it MyCherry App.

What eating disorders did you suffer from? How did it come out? What or who was key to get out of it? What did this experience mean in your life?

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“Over the years I have learned that each of our weaknesses in the end turns out to be a strength and it was the same for mine too food disorders. When I went from a child’s body to a woman’s body, I didn’t understand my curves, I didn’t understand my metabolism, I didn’t know what was happening to me and I started not eating.

I don’t know exactly why this happened to me, I’ve always liked it, but unfortunately the mind is devious, so I have lost a lot of weight and I think I have touched theanorexia. Fortunately, I have always had parents who have helped me at all times.

After this period, however, I lived through the years of bulimia, again I did not accept the fact that I was returning to eat, in short, my adolescence was an ordeal from this point of view, but as I grew up I worked on myself, I learned to know myself and love every part of me. I learned to understand and fill my gaps, to cook healthily and take care of myself from every point of view. I have learned to see food as a moment of joy and serenity and not as a number and I must admit that do therapy with a psychologist it was very important in my case and for this reason I recommend it to everyone.

In the years of pandemic unfortunately I realized that I was not the only one to have suffered from eating disorders in adolescence, but that many women also suffered from it and still suffer from it at any age, so I asked myself: “Jade, but what can you do to help these people?” . The answer was MyCherry appbecause an application can really tiptoe into people’s daily lives and concretely help to love each other, so a June 2021 after a long time of work, she was finally born MyCherry appthe first application in Italy created by women for women to make us living healthy eating as a gesture of love. MyCherry App is free and available on Android and iOS“.

How does it work?
«It is a tool focused on wellbeing that puts physical and mental health in the foreground, within which they are contained more than 1000 healthy recipes and over 80 tips for living in shape.

These contents are shared daily within the application since team from MyCherry Appcomposed of 25 professionalsincluding Food Blogger, Nutritionist, Nutrition Psychologist, Personal Trainer, science popularizer and Pilates teacher, and consulted daily by more than 170,000 users who have chosen to download the application.

Given the great achievements so far, the desire to MyCherry App is to broaden its horizons: in fact, in September the new version with even more exclusive content and tools, allowing you to monitor the lifestyle of his community. For example, counting the water drunk in a day, positive routines and habits, how much sport has been practiced in a week, the possibility of writing a shopping list, planning one’s own food week and much more ».

In addition to a healthy approach to food, do you also suggest physical and mental exercises… to get better?

«The App recommends its users everything that makes you feel goodso it is important to practice it sport that we like, but then you have to do it really consistently and in addition I would like to recommend (to those who feel it) also the meditation, which at first will be driven and then will come normal. Meditation is the liberation of the soul, it is a way to free ourselves from heavy thoughts to make them come lighter and clearer. Even better if we practice meditation at dawn so that we oxygenate the mind and we are ready to live a new day ».

Who is the average user? Who do you recommend it to?

«MyCherry App is aimed at all those who they want to eat healthy and in an easy and fast way; to those who wish improve the relationship with themselves; to all those who love to cook and who want to rediscover the joy of healthy eating; to those who love to read and follow the best tips to live in shape. MyCherry App teaches its community the best way to take care of themselves, thus learning to love each other.

The average user is currently one girl ranging from 14 to 35 yearsbut luckily food is a topic that touches all of us, so many mothers with their children and elderly housewives who want to get ideas for healthy recipes follow us too ».

What are the principles that inspired you to create it? What is its mission? What do you wish with this app? What do you hope it can contribute to?

“My principles they are exactly those that the application brings with it such as health, acceptance and self-awareness, self-love and learning to listen to oneself, healthy nutrition, the seasonality of natural and local ingredients and possibly at km 0.

My mission is help as many people as possible to eat healthy and love themselves, I also want to specify that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you can get out of eating disorders and the first step is to talk about it with the people around us and with professionals. MyCherry App acts as a support and can become the best virtual friend along this path ».

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