Gianni Morandi and Jovanotti, the story of a friendship that continues in Sanremo 2022

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When the mutual esteem between two artists is sincere, it becomes palpable. You can even see it in a self-timer or read it in a post shared on social media. Gianni Morandi e Lorenzo Jovanotti have known each other for many years now but in recent months something special and unprecedented has taken place. An energetic and overwhelming spark. The Monghidoro singer is among the 22 Big that will participate in the next Sanremo Festival. When Amadeus announced his presence, many were celebrating. Lorenzo Jovanotti in the first place, who said he wrote the song with which Morandi will present himself on the stage of the Ariston.

This artistic partnership comes later The Cheer, the manifesto-piece that Morandi published shortly after the Azzurri’s triumph at Wembley and after a moment of personal difficulty due to a bad domestic accident. A big boost for The Cheer who sang the artist (77 years old in a few days) came from Jovanotti, author of the song and producer together with Rick Rubin. It was he who decided to entrust the words full of hope and determination to the singer-songwriter, then also involving Valentino Rossi for the official video clip.

Now the collaboration between Morandi and Jovanotti is ready to add another color. “I am thrilled, excited like a rookie»Wrote Morandi on social media talking about his next participation in the Italian Song Festival. «I will sing a song written for the occasion by Lorenzo Jovanotti. His enthusiasm, his generosity, his cheerfulness and his friendship, have infected me and convinced me to propose my participation.. I thank Amadeus who also chose our song among the 22 that will be competing », he concluded.

To tell the genesis of the song is Lorenzo Jovanotti who has entrusted his thoughts to the social networks: «In Sanremo there will also be Gianni Morandi in the race with a new song that he wants to sing to all of you. He asked me a few months ago if I had one that made me think about his voice and his story and from that day I thought about it until suddenly he arrived and I called him shouting: “I have it!”».

The singer-songwriter (who will return next summer with his mega tour to the Italian beaches) continued: “He listened to my demo and came to me, but far from kneeling, he was happy to work on it and to find the key” . Finally, a promise: “Gianni’s return to that stage will be exciting. I am happy that the piece has been admitted to the competition, for me to be part of this thing is very beautiful, a thousand thoughts crowd into my head, many memories related to my life as a music and entertainment enthusiast, and as many related to the future of an artist like Morandi who has this desire to play, participate, get excited and thrill».


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