Giovanna Ewbank gets emotional when revealing Bless son’s syndrome; understand the condition

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The actress Giovanna Ewnbank got emotional on her podcast “Quem pode, pod” when revealing a health diagnosis of her son Bless.

In conversation with Fernanda Paes Leme and presenter Manoel Soares, the actress said that the eight-year-old boy has sensory syndrome – a condition in which all the senses are enhanced.

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Giovanna even believed that because she was airy in several situations, her son could have some degree of autism.

After numerous consultations with different professionals who denied autism, a doctor diagnosed the sensory syndrome: “He hears more than the rest of us, he feels more, the touch, than all of us, he smells more than all of us”.

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The actress, who is the wife of the actor Bruno Gagliasso with whom she has two more children – Titi and Zyan – confessed that she felt guilty when she found out about the condition, because she even scolded and belittled the “alert” signs that Bless showed.

“He hears more than the rest of us, he feels more than the rest of us, he smells more than the rest of us”

Giovanna said that in certain contexts that seemed normal, he showed strange behavior: “When he walked by the kitchen, he said ‘Oh, what a strong smell’, and I said “Stop it, stop being frisky. It’s just the smell of the onion.” He would step on the grass and say ‘Get me out of here, I don’t want to step on the grass’”.

For there to be a proper coexistence with Bless’s condition, the actress explained that a lot of understanding, observation and adaptation was necessary, both she and her husband to understand that it was not “freshness”: “Today Bless lives with this sensory syndrome wonderfully well ”.

At the end of the theme, Giovanna alerted parents to “search” and believe in what children say and how they express themselves.

the syndrome

Although it is not a type of autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (TPS) is also very common in children with Asperger Syndrome. As explained by the actress and presenter on the podcast, the son feels increased visual, sound and taste and touch stimuli.

Source: CNN Brasil

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