Girl celebrates fake wedding to get revenge on her ex and goes viral

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Facing a breakup will never be easy. However, we will always find the best way to do it, whether it is spending time with friends, writing our emotions in a journal, exercising, going shopping, traveling or faking a wedding.

Yes, this last technique seems not to be the most mature of all, but there was a girl who put it into practice, she even hired a professional photographer and rented a wedding dress. The funny thing is that she shared the story herself and although she says it was not a good idea, she does not regret her actions either.


Yup I’m crazy

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Remembering the time when I pretended to get married and have a photoshoot to get revenge on my ex.

Sarah Vilard, 24, put on a show to get revenge on her ex, causing him a wave of jealousy and regret.

She says that she was in love with her ex, who had no mercy in betraying her and ending their relationship. That situation was difficult to assimilate, but far from crying or taking time for herself, Vilard believed that the best way to deal with this episode was by making her ex regret his decision. So he planned a fake wedding.

Embraced wedding couple;  Girl celebrates a fake wedding with her 'new boyfriend' to 'get revenge' on her ex

Vilard rented a dress, hired a photographer, went to the beauty salon for a wedding makeup and hairstyle, and even managed to get one of her friends to pose as her new boyfriend. But things did not stop here, he also rented a function room, decorated it and brought some false guests for the photo session.

After a few months, Vilard shared the photos on Instagram and received multiple congratulations from friends and family, who did not know what was happening, but were happy to see that he had found “the love of his life.” She answered all the messages as if her wedding had been a reality. All that came to the eyes of her ex, who began to call her to try to fix things. However, she never responded. Later, her ex went to meet her at home to try to talk, but she did not receive it. After all that, he deleted him from his social networks and never had contact with him again.

Soon after, he also deleted his photos from Instagram and clarified what happened. In addition, he affirmed that he does not regret what he did, because he learned a great lesson and in his subsequent breakups he took everything more calmly.

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