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Girl Recounts How Her Date Went From A Big 10 To A Total 0 Because Of His Attitudes

When people are in the process of getting to know each other to reach a romance, it is common for them to have some dates to treat each other a little more and to know if they are compatible to form a love relationship. It is just at that time that both show the best of each other to give the best impression.

However, on more than one occasion there have been cases of people who do not always show their best face and their actions are full of red flags that alert us that they are not the right person. Just as it happened to this young woman, who went viral for telling the anecdote of when a boy played several games with her that made her realize that she “wasn’t there.”

Girl tells her anecdote with a boy who made her pay the bill

The girl behind this story full of red flags it is Carolawho, while putting on makeup, told her story with a young man who, even before he was her boyfriend, gave her a warning sign by inviting her to eat and letting her pay the bill because, according to him, she did not have her wallet.

Despite that big red flag, she decided not to take it into account and I continue dating him until they started dating. Already dating, the boy applied it again, but this time, the young man received a call from a friend and when he hung up, he quickly ate the sushi and, without caring that Carola had not eaten a single bite, he gave her a kiss and left the place, leaving him to pay the entire bill.

He had invited me to dinner and at that moment one of his friends called him to invite him somewhere. He quickly ate all the sushi, gave me a kiss and ran to the site even though I still had my food untouched. The waitress just looked at me and again I had to pay the entire bill.

Although in the recording it does not count if after that occasion her relationship with the boy ended, it implies that that was the last time she paid the bill. Carola assured that she tells her anecdote so that the girls realize and pay attention to every detail of her first dates, so that the same thing will not happen to her.

screenshot of the girl who said that her boyfriend was a 10 but made her pay the bill in restaurants

The video of his experience soon went viral on TikTok, where, at the moment, it has 8.6 million views, more than 838 thousand likes and more than four thousand comments from girls who felt identified with her story and a few others asking about the products she was applying makeup with.

Source: Okchicas

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