Girl tells of the difficulties she has had to face for “being pretty”

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Each person is fighting a personal battle, but recently this girl named Caro Thompson recounted on her TikTok account the harshness with which she is treated just for “being cute.” Thompson listed all the problems he suffers from being like this.

Her video went viral on social networks, because no one ever imagined all the complications that being beautiful entails, because one would simply think that they have the best time, but it is not like that.

Being pretty is not easy at all

For Caro Thompson, being a pretty girl has brought her many problems, that is why in her TikTok account she related her opinion about this situation and the complications that it entails.

It’s sh * t to be cute because there are thousands of times when you walk into a fuck, a room full of women and the first thing they do is look at you with an o ** te face. Being pretty is a sh * t because mines envy you again and there is no worse enemy of a woman than another woman. If they can make you feel for sh * t, they will and if they can treat you for sh * t they will.

Caro Thompson recounts how difficult it is to be a girl

As if that were not enough, the girl also mentioned that there are times when beautiful women also have insecurities with their social and love relationships, because you never know if a man really loves them for their way of being or because they want something in return.

In addition, he mentioned that it is outrageous to hear so many curses and compliments from men when he is walking down the street.


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I have to walk two blocks to the gym and as soon as I take two steps when I am already hearing someone yelling at me, whistling at me, talking to me about my leggings, my shorts. Besides getting lewd looks all the time. Men will do anything to let your guard down. Befriend, be gay, whatever you can imagine. And when you least expect it, they take advantage of you.

The truth is that Caro is right, being a girl is not easy, because women are exposed to danger and criticism every day, but it is up to us to learn to defend ourselves and overcome adversity.

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