Retouch – Removing Objects

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Retouch Is a simple and useful application with which you can remove unnecessary objects or strangers from your photos.

Even the most beautiful picture can be spoiled by unwanted objects, bystanders or unnecessary objects. Retouch helps you solve this and many other problems so your shots are always amazing. With a slight movement of the eraser, you can remove any object from the photo, clean up a text document, correct a picture or retouch a portrait. The second wonderful ability of Retouch is background replacement. No unnecessary movements, the application will automatically cut out the image you need and place it on the background of your choice.

In addition, in Retouch you can even create collages using the tool to insert a picture and clone an image. Any photo from the gallery can be used as a background or target image to be copied.

Retouch app features:

  • Image editing;
  • Automatic removal of objects;
  • Retouching pictures, removing wrinkles and acne;
  • The ability to create a collage;
  • Cloning objects;
  • Background replacement function.

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