Girl who took care of her sick boyfriend and was unfaithful asks Shakira for a song

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Shakira’s new song with Bizarrap, BZRP Music Sessions #53not only caused a stir with endless memes on social networks and a great controversy over the luxury brands mentioned there, but after evidencing Piqué’s infidelity, hundreds of women around the world felt identified with the tiradera that he dedicated to him the Colombian to her ex-partner.

Among the multitude of women who took Shakira’s new song as a hymn of empowerment to deceived women, one that stood out among all was a Colombian girl, who, through a tweet, asked the interpreter of January days to write a song to her ex-boyfriend with cancer who cheated on her with another woman.

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Identified under the name of Maria Jose Bustamantethe woman originally from Bogotá, Colombia, through a publication on her Twitter account Twitterhe asked his countrywoman to sing to the cruel man who was unfaithful to him after assuring that she took care of him and bathed him after having been operated on for cancer.

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In her publication, María José told her sad story in which she explained that after spending one of the worst moments with that man and after being treated in the hospital, the ungrateful man put her lover in the room when she went home. to take a shower and change.

screenshot of a Colombian girl who asks Shakira to write a song for her ex with cancer who was unfaithful with another woman

The testimony of the girl who never believed that she would receive a betrayal from the person whom she cared for with all her love did not take long to go viral and, as a show of support and solidarity from the users, it did not take long to fill with likes and comments in which people said Shakira’s case fell short.

Among the hundreds of comments her publication received, the one from a person who asked her if the man who hurt her had already died stood out, to which María José immediately replied that she had not and that she did not wish him harm, only that they were unfaithful to him, since that way he could be a deceived but happy man.

screenshot of a post on Twitter by a Colombian congratulating Shakira for her song with Bizarrap a Piqué

The heartbreaking story of the Colombian woman not only moved the people who read her publication, but also aroused their curiosity to learn more details about the cruel betrayal of her ungrateful ex-boyfriend, to which María José wrote in another publication that her story is worth telling, so he has thought of writing a book narrating his bad experience in that relationship.

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