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Giulia Cecchettin, the investigation into Filippo Turetta is closed: the charge is voluntary homicide with premeditation

The trial for Filippo Turetta for murder is approaching Giulia Cecchettin. He closed the investigation into the 22-year-old who confessed to the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He is accused of voluntary homicide with the aggravating circumstances of premeditation, cruelty, brutality, in addition to those of kidnapping, concealment of a corpse and even stalking, in the weeks preceding the crime. The carrying of weapons was also contested.

The prosecutor of Venice, Bruno Cherchi, spoke in conjunction with the closing of the investigations coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Andrea Petroni. «We believed that the elements that emerged in the investigations entrusted to the Carabinieri justified premeditation. Not only for the ways in which the crime occurred, but also for the previous activity such as, for example, the search for places via the internet, the purchase of the material necessary to immobilize the victim, the geographical map, the act of silence the offended person by putting tape on her to stop her from screaming, tighten the girl's wrists and legs.”

Instead, brutality and cruelty derive from the methods of the crime: among all the high number of stab wounds with which Giulia Cecchettin was killed on the evening of November 11, 2023, a few days before graduation, a few kilometers from home.

After the crime, Turetta fled towards Friuli and abandoned the girl's body on an escarpment near Lake Barcis. They arrested him in Germany on Sunday 19 November, a week after the crime. He is in prison in Verona. He spoke in only one interrogation.

The prosecutor added: «We have made a balanced and objective reconstruction during the investigations, which will then have to be evaluated during cross-examination before the judge. With the aggravating circumstance of premeditationif confirmed, will go before the Court of Assizes which also includes popular judges, those who judge must be neutral with respect to any form of external environment”.

The charges brought against him carry a possible life sentence. The lawyer of the Cecchettin family he thanked the prosecutor's office and investigators for their meticulous work. «The charges are what we had imagined since the events occurred. In any case, the conclusion of the investigations is an important moment that brings us closer to the trial in which we as civil parties will participate to ensure that justice is done for Giulia and her family.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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