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Will “Maxton Hall: The World Between Us” have a second season?

The German series “Maxton Hall: World Between Us” premiered on Prime Video on May 9th and, since then, has not left the Top 10 most watched productions on the platform in Brazil.

The story takes place at Maxton Hall school, where Ruby studies as a scholarship student. There, she discovers a super secret from the Beaufort heiress, and her brother James tries to silence her. From the contact between the two, an almost forbidden romance is born, based on the social differences that separate them.

The production has six episodes and is based on the best-seller “Save Me”, by Mona Kasten. Harriet Herbig-Matten It is Damian Hardung star in the plot.

The final scene of the season indicates that there may be more to come in the story, so the question remains: Will “Maxton Hall: The World Between Us” have another season?

A CNN Prime Video stated that there is no confirmation of a second season so far .

However, with the success of the series, the renewal could gain momentum. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the book on which the production is based is part of a trilogy: “Save Me”, “Save You” and “Save Us”, therefore, the events of the season have a sequence already written and there is more story to come. tell.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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