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Giulia Cecchettin’s funeral: a boundless mass, the words of the best friend and the bishop on Filippo Turetta

In the front row, in front of the white coffin with the “father’s” flowers, there is Gino Cecchettin, Elena Cecchettin clinging to his arm and his son Davide on his right. Outside, there is Prato della Valle full of people watching the various giant screens, a boundless mass whose end cannot be seen, and it is the first emotion of the funeral of Giulia Cecchettin, killed by her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta, which the newspapers have defined as “the true state funeral” of 2023 that ends. Giulia Zecchin, 22 years old, best friend of Giulia who is no longer with us, reads the first reading, a passage from the book of the prophet Isaiah. «A shoot will emerge from the trunk of Lesse, a shoot – says the incipit – will sprout from its roots. The spirit of the Lord will rest on him.”

The bishop Msgr. Claudio Cipolla, in the Basilica of Santa Giustina, begins speaking at 11.15: «We would not have wanted to see what the eyes saw, nor learn what we learned on Saturday 18 November. There are many of us here, with eyes full of tears.” Many cry. «Giulia’s smile will be missed by her father Gino, to his sister Elena and his brother Davide.” We cherish his desire to live, “his plans, his passions” says the prelate. Which he then recalls, addressing young people: “In freedom you can love better.” And «Julia’s face was taken away from our sight».

A passage is also addressed to Filippo Turetta, the ex-boyfriend who confessed to the murder of Giulia Cecchettin in recent days: «We ask for peace of heart also for Filippo and his family. Our heart seeks tenderness, understanding, affection, love. Peace of heart is peace with oneself, with one’s body, with one’s psyche, with one’s feelings, especially those that concern the meaning of the actions we perform and the meaning of life.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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