“God Save The Queen”: Songs about the queen gain strength in streaming

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In the week after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, songs about the monarch had an increase in reproductions on streaming platforms, reported the British music magazine “New Musical Express”, also known as NME.

Songs like “The Queen Is Dead” (1986), by The Smiths, and “God Save The Queen” (1977), by the Sex Pistols, are examples of works that gained more popularity in digital media after the Queen’s death.

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In the first case, music had the biggest increase recorded, going from an average of 6,000 daily reproductions to 114,000, just one day after the monarch’s death – growth of 1,687%. The second song went from less than 11,000 daily plays to 81,000 the next day – up 650%.

Soon after, the songs “Her Majesty” (1969), by the Beatles, and “Elizabeth My Dear”, by The Stone Roses, appear, which increased their daily reproductions by 269% and 224%, respectively.

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Other tributes to the queen featured prominently came from the likes of Pearl Jam, Dolly Parton, Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp, Duran Duran, Shirley Manson, Paul McCartney, Harry Styles and Elton John.

Tens of thousands of people have lined up in London over the past three days, some spending the night waiting to pay their respects to the monarch, whose coffin will remain in the Westminster Hall of the British Parliament until Monday.

Source: CNN Brasil

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