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Goldenport of the Dragni family collects cash and invests in new ships

By George George

After amassing liquidity through spectacular “asset play” sales of container vessels, Goldenport Shipmanagement, of interest to the Dragni family, is now linked by brokers to the purchase of two dry bulk carriers.

In particular, Seasure Shipbroking and Advanced Shipping & Trading report in their latest reports that the shipping company bought the two bulk carriers, ultramax type, “Star Eos” (capacity 63,500 dwt and built in 2015) and “Star Artemis” (capacity 63,200 dwt and built in 2015 ).

The deal is valued at $ 53 million in total. The price is in line with the market levels for ultramaxes of these specifications, as well as their value on the day of sale, as reflected by the analysis firm VesselsValue.

Goldenport is active in the two hottest industries of 2021, managing to secure profits from charters, but also ship sales.

Especially in containerships, the shipping company took advantage of the “launch” of values ​​and proceeded to sales in amounts much higher than what it had paid to acquire them.

Indicatively, freight brokers connected the company in the previous months with the concession of “San Antonio” and “San Alvaro” (with a capacity of 1,841 TEUs and built in 2008 each). In total, he reportedly received more than $ 60 million.

The Equasis database locates 24 ships, bulk carriers and containerships, in Goldenport’s fleet. It is noted that the Dragni family is also active in tankers, through Oceangold Tankers, which according to its website controls 15 steamers.

Similar “shopping” for Costamare

Star Eos and Star Artemis were controlled by GriegMaas, a joint venture between Amsterdam-based Norwegian Grieg Maritime Group and Maas Capital.

The two companies sold all the bulk carriers they managed together, taking advantage of the fact that the prices of used steamers of this type have “climbed” to many years high.

In fact, Goldenport is not the only Greek shipping company that has benefited from the move of the consortium. Ship brokers reported in mid-November that Kostis Konstantakopoulos’ Costamare bought the “Star Damon” and “Star Crios” ultramaxes (capacity 63,500 dwt and built in 2012 each), spending more than $ 40 million in total.

Costamare has made an impressive opening to dry cargo in recent months. With continuous purchases, which became known during the summer, it strengthened its fleet with at least 37 such steamers in total.


Source From: Capital

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