Google makes it easy to share files on Android. Don’t even need to unlock

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Google continues to work on its Nearby Share feature, which makes it easy to share files between devices as long as you’re logged into the same Google account. This feature is already available to many owners of Android devices, and soon it will become even more convenient. The search giant has announced an update that will greatly simplify the process of data exchange.

Back in January of this year, evidence first surfaced on Chromium Gerrit pointing to a Self Share feature, now Google has confirmed that it will be rolled out in the next few weeks. Its essence lies in the fact that users will no longer need to constantly confirm requests to transfer / receive files. It is enough to authorize devices in your Google account once, and sharing via Nearby Share will be carried out automatically, without permission requests. Even if the device is locked.

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Previously, to share a file through the Nearby Share context menu function, you had to do extra manipulations. The company notes that Self Share is not a mandatory feature, it can be turned on at will. Recall that Nearby Sharing is a wireless data transfer technology for Android, which is an analogue of Apple’s AirDrop. It uses Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth, through which devices connect to each other and transfer selected files via a dedicated channel.

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