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Russian text editor outperforms Word and Google Docs in new study

In a recent study, Roskachestvo specialists compared 9 text editors from different countries (including the USA and China), as a result of which they recognized the Russian MyOffice Documents application as the best office program for Android (and the first in terms of security for iOS). This was reported by the press service of the Russian developer company.

Roskachestvo emphasized the free availability of the MyOffice Documents program, the rich functionality and the security of user data. The experts also identified a function that foreign analogues do not have – the ability to leave voice comments directly in the file when working with a document.

In the study, all programs were tested against 152 criteria, divided into 6 categories: functionality, usability, application information, security, legal assessment, and performance with reliability. Through this testing, a variety of aspects of applications were evaluated, including stability of operation, thoughtfulness of the interface, and ease of use for new users.

Source: Trash Box

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