Google will allow advertising of crypto exchanges and wallets in the US

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From August 3, 2021, the search giant Google will allow the services of cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets to be promoted through its advertising services to users in the United States.

According to the statement, advertisers must meet the established requirements and be certified by Google. To do this, they must either be registered with FinCEN as a settlement and cash services company (MSB), or have a banking license in at least one of the states.

Advertisers are also required to comply with local regulations and ensure that their ads comply with Google’s policies.

Advertising will remain under the ban:

initial coin offerings (ICO);
DeFi protocol services;
promotion of cryptocurrencies by celebrities;
pages with summary data or comparative analysis of digital assets.

Google will revoke all valid certificates of cryptocurrency exchanges on August 3. To receive new ones, you will need to fill out a form that will become available from July 8.

Google banned ads for cryptocurrencies and related content in June 2018. Later, it became possible to promote cryptocurrency exchange services in the United States and Japan, but only by certified companies.

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