Suddenly. Human testicles and brain contain the highest amount of total proteins

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In humans, the brain and testicles have the most proteins in common. This was discovered by an international group of scientists, as writes in an article for the journal The Royal Society Open Biology.


The authors note that previously there were “some signs of similarity” between the testes and the human brain, and they, in order to understand whether this is so or not, carried out a comparative analysis of proteins that are produced in different parts of the body.

Between the brain and the testes was the greatest similarity – 13 442 common proteins.

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The researchers reasonably assumed that these two organs share the largest number of “common” genes of all organs. They went further and found that most common proteins are involved in tissue development and communication.

This is not surprising, they noted, when one remembers that the proteins of these organs consume large amounts of “fuel” – one for the thinking process (the brain), the other for the daily production of millions of sperm (testes).

Схема: Royal Society

In addition, both organs move outward a part of the material created in them during exocytosis: spermatozoa are fertilization factors, neurons are neurotransmitters for communication between cells, tissues and organs.

Схема: Royal Society

The authors added that a link has been previously found between certain brain disorders and sexual dysfunction, with some researchers even claiming a link between sperm quality and intelligence. According to scientists, these topics deserve more careful study.

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