Gossini’s daughter wants to complete the half-finished story of Asterix

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A half-finished story Asterix, the favorite comic book hero, was discovered in a pile of old manuscripts. This is expected to be the basis for the new chapter of Galatians’ adventures, 40 years after the death of its creator.

Rumors have been circulating for many years that Rene Gossini had made some pieces of history “Asterix in the Circus” before he died in 1977 at the age of 51 from a heart attack. His daughter If revealed that among his manuscripts he discovered about 20 pages that would form the “core” of his – then – 26th book Asterix.

He said it would be “a wonderful adventure” to be able to complete and publish it. THE If Gossini, Now 53, added that the effort to reconstruct his story “Asterix in the Circus” from her father’s notes will be a difficult task. As he said in the German magazine “The mirror”: “It will take a large number of people who will have to sit at the same table together and immerse themselves in history and try to discover my father’s” voice “. “It looks like a painting by Goya with a hole in the middle.”

His adventures Asterix of the brave warrior of the last free village in Galatia from the yoke of the Romans first appeared in 1959 in the comic «Pilot», with the sketches belonging to his old friend and collaborator Gossini, Albert Uterzo.

In a survey among French readers his books Asterix were found in the top 25 titles of the last century. His puns Gossini, the special humor and laughter caused by characters like Ovelix κι ο Cacophony, made the comic a worldwide success. In 1967, the 10th book in the series sold 1.2 million copies in the first two days of its release alone.

After his death Gossini, The Underzo he also undertook dialogues and continued to produce new stories. Since 2013 the books are written by Jean-Yves Ferry in his drawings Didier Conrad. The latest version – on Thursday (21/10) will be the 39th of his saga Asterix.

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