Government evaluates three-month period for no pass-through of fuel prices

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With the oil barrel high scenario, the federal government has again evaluated a proposal to create a mechanism that prevents the transfer of fuel price increases in a period of three months after an increase in products.

The proposal, which in practice would ensure the immediate transfer to the consumer, was already mentioned by members of the economic team at the beginning of the federal government, but, at the time, it was put in the background due to the difficulties of implementation.

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Now, given the lag in the price of diesel and gasoline in the international market in relation to the Brazilian market, the alternative was once again evaluated as a way of staggering the pass-through of prices, bringing greater stability and predictability to the consumer market.

The measure, however, still faces possible scenarios of risk of fuel shortages as an obstacle. The latest increase in diesel prices, earlier this month, was due to an attempt to avoid a shortage of the product in the country.

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According to reports made to CNN , it is precisely this obstacle that the federal government tries to overcome in order to make the initiative viable. In addition, a change would have to be approved by Petrobras’ board members.

The State-Owned Companies Law also establishes that any losses in the oil company due to possible interference by the majority shareholder must be compensated by the federal government.

According to the latest report by Abicom (Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers), the price of diesel on the Brazilian market today has a lag of 1%. The percentage of gasoline is higher, 8%, which represents a value of R$ 0.36.

wanted by CNN the Ministry of Economy has not yet responded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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