Government extends payroll margin for servers from 35% to 40%

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The government increased from 35% to 40% the maximum limit for payroll deductions for federal public servants when contracting a payroll loan, in yet another movement to expand access to credit in this election year.

The rule, provided for in a provisional measure published last Thursday (4) in the Official Diary of the Unionestablishes a reserve of 5% of this margin for the amortization of outstanding credit cards.

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The new limit applies to active and inactive servers, military personnel and pensioners.

The measure also defines that the global limit for payroll deductions in these categories, adding payroll, income tax and social security contribution, will be 70% of the remuneration.

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As it is a provisional measure, the rule has immediate validity and will depend on a later approval by Congress.

This week, President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned a law that releases consigned credit for the Auxílio Brasil program, an initiative that reaches 20.2 million people.

The law allows beneficiaries to apply for a loan with a payroll discount with a value of up to 40% of the permanent transfer of 400 reais.

Source: CNN Brasil

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