Government is considering plan B for the first payment of R$ 400 of Auxílio Brasil from the 10th

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The Ministry of Citizenship works with a ‘plan B’ to be able to pay the first installment of R$ 400 of Auxílio Brasil from December 10th if the PEC dos Precatórios, which opens the fiscal space for the new benefit amount, does not have a final solution in the next few days.

The text, approved this Thursday (2) by the Senate, still needs to go through a new vote in the Chamber before enactment.

Given the short deadline to make the payment operational this month, the CNN he found that the ministry headed by João Roma (Republicanos-BA) is considering the possibility of using the remaining resources of Bolsa Família for the R$ 400 to the beneficiaries of the new social program.

In early November, President Jair Bolsonaro signed a law that reallocated R$9.3 billion from the Bolsa Família budget to Auxílio Brasil. Part of these resources – R$ 3.2 billion – were used to pay the social benefit in November. About 14.6 million families received an average ticket of R$220, that is, without the extra installments.

Now, technicians from the Ministry of Citizenship say that, if the PEC dos Precatórios is not enacted in a timely manner, the folder will use the remaining R$6.1 billion to be able to pay the R$400.

In this scenario, however, the government would still not be able to expand the number of families served to 17 million or make the retroactive payment of the extra installments for the month of November.

According to reports made to the CNN, government officials treat this scenario as a “last resort”. If the PEC dos Precatórios has not been enacted for some time, there are also those who defend the issue of a provisional measure to reallocate resources and ensure that beneficiaries have access to the R$ 400 this year.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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