Government sends project that foresees PPP for concession of airports in AM

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The president Jair Bolsonaro sent to National Congress bill (PL) that authorizes the Executive to contract public-private partnership (PPP) for sponsored concession of airports in the state of Amazonas. The project’s sending message is published in the Official Gazette, which does not contain the text of the PL.

The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic informs, through a note, that, if approved, the project will allow the sponsored concession of eight regional airports in Amazonas.

They are: Parintins Airport; Carauari Airport; Coari Airport; Eirunepe Airport; São Gabriel da Cachoeira Airport; Barcelos Airport; Labrea Airport; and Maues Airport.

“These airports currently lack a minimum infrastructure to remain in operation. Often there is no signage or segregation of the passenger embarkation and disembarkation area, in addition to the absence of an operational and inspection fence to prevent invasions”, adds the General Secretariat.

The government further clarifies that, as airports are unable to generate sufficient revenue to cover the costs of new investments and operations, Congressional authorization is required for privatization to be carried out in the form of a sponsored concession, that is, with the contribution of public resources.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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