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Government will suspend fines and extend driver's licenses for 90 days in Rio Grande do Sul

The Minister of Transport, Renan Filho, announced this Monday (20), which will be published this Monday (20), an ordinance interrupting for 90 days the deadlines for processes and services related to the National Transit System (SNT) in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The extraordinary measure is a response to the environmental disaster that has been severely affecting the state, causing the shutdown of the Traffic Department (Detran-RS) systems and generating multiple blockages that are preventing the free movement of the population in public spaces.

“With all the challenges that the state's residents face due to the heavy rains, we consider it appropriate to interrupt certain deadlines so that people have time to deal with more urgent matters at the moment”, argued minister Renan Filho.

Changed processes

  • Issuance of notice of assessment;
  • Presentation of the prior defense;
  • Identification of the offending driver;
  • Filing a fine appeal;
  • Prior defense and filing of appeals in processes involving suspension of the right to drive and revocation of the driver's license document;
  • Renewal of National Driving Licenses (CNH), Moped Driving Permits (ACC) and Driving Permit (PPD);
  • Validity period of driver's licenses, ACCs and PPDs;
  • Deadline for registration and licensing of new vehicles;
  • Deadline for transferring a purchased used vehicle;

The deadlines will be restored at the end of the 90 days, with the possibility of extension.

Detran-RS will be responsible for establishing the schedule with the new deadlines, which will later be submitted to the National Traffic Council (Contran), in order to guarantee transparency and clearly inform drivers of the new dates to be considered.

Source: CNN Brasil

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