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Nerd Pride Day will have a meeting of comic artists and illustrators in SP

O Nerd Pride Day next Saturday (25), there will be a meeting of comic artists and illustrators in Sao Paulo city. O Artist Valley as the attraction within the event is called Nerd SP Pride Day will have free entry.

There will be 11 industry professionals and four publishers participating in the event. Names like Ju Loyola, Rodrigo Motta, Kworin and Talessak are confirmed. Check out the list below and a little about each illustrator.

Artists will be able to exhibit and sell their work, as well as meet and interact with fans and collectors. Everything from captivating illustrations, already known to the public, to intriguing and curious comics will be on display.

O Nerd SP Pride Day takes place at the Biennial Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park, from 10am to 10pm, on May 25th. In addition to Artist Valley there are nine other activities, such as a cosplay contest and music shows.

The event is organized by Secretariat for Culture, Economy and Creative Industry in partnership with Associação Paulista dos Amigos da Arte (APAA).

Check out the list of illustrators and comic artists

Ju Loyola

Deaf comic artist and illustrator graduated from the Escola Panamericana de Arte & Design in São Paulo.

She developed her career working as an animator in the film “Amor & Fúria”, directed by Luiz Bolognesi, and as a character designer for the animated short “Little Red Riding Hood”, produced by the ElevenDragons studio for Globoplay.

Rodrigo Motta

He is a visual artist and educator trained in art education. He worked in collectives such as La Panela and Slam da Guilhermina and contributed to several institutions with artistic activities.

Since 2007, she has participated in group exhibitions and held two solo exhibitions awarded by notices from the Guarulhos Department of Culture: “Studies on the female figure” (2011) and “Antes” (2014).

Dedicated to printed art, since 2013 he has adopted spray and stencil painting techniques, having a presence in cities such as São Paulo, Paris and New York, in addition to participating in fairs and galleries.


She is a digital illustrator and passionate about cute animals. Since 2020, she has operated an online store with her own artwork, consolidating her presence in the digital market.

In 2023, he released his first comic entitled “Ditchan, you're gone, but I'm still here”, marking an important step in his career.

Furthermore, she is active on social media, where she shares content about the day-to-day life and creative process of an artist, getting closer to her audience and strengthening her identity in the nerd universe.


He is an important visual artist, comic artist, screenwriter and specialist in classic animation in the nerd cultural scene. He created “Yayá”, his first independent cartoon, released in 2011.

Among his notable works are the comic books “Memories”, “Cinco Vermelhos”, “Deimos e Phobos” and “Ira dos Ventos”, with several nominations and awards at the HQMIX Trophies and Angelo Agostini Awards.

Talessak also participated in projects financed by the ProAC Notice, including “Sobre Trilhos”, “Ao Redor do Sol”, “Bálsamo – O Jardim dos Sentidos” and “Clave”.

Isaac Sagara

Graduated in drawing from Quanta Academia de Arte, he stood out when he participated in the first Narrativas Periféricas, an initiative by Editora Mino, Chiaroscuro Studios and PerifaCon, in 2019.

He was a finalist for the Le Blanc Prize with the works “Como a Música Acabar”, published by Mino, and “A Máscara da Morte Branca”, by Editora Draco.

In 2021, he published “Tecnodreams” and “Oscar e Pan de 87”, by UB Editora. He continued his career in 2022 with “Amor em 12 compassos”, exploring the figure of Robert Johnson, and in 2023 he released “Clube dos 27” by the publishers Trem Fantasma and Ultimato do Bacon, consolidating his influence in the nerd universe and pop culture.

Lucas Lima

Graduated in Fine Arts from Unesp, he is an educator and visual artist with experience in cultural centers, such as Sesc, and in public and private schools.

His artistic work is focused on the representation of the black and peripheral population, mainly using illustration and the creation of comic books.

Between 2015 and 2017, he was part of the art education team at Sesc Belenzinho and worked as an educator in the north of São Paulo through the Capes Pibid program.


She is an illustrator, comic book artist and designer, recently standing out on a project for Disney, where she created a poster for the film “The Marvels”, representing Brazil.

She was honored with the 1st Pretas Potências Award for her Zine “Decisões” and is currently working on her first long comic “Panorama”, in collaboration with screenwriter Natália Sierpinski, coordinator of Butantã Gibicon.

Passionate about pop culture, Jey incorporates the essence of cartoons and anime into her arts, prioritizing representation in each stroke.


Illustrator, muralist and comic book artist, he is co-owner of Kyodai Izakaya and has identified himself as a nerd since 1982. At artists' alley events, he stands out for his use of gouache in his works, preferring this technique for its vibrant colors and unique texture, characteristics that stand out in your prints.

In the world of comics, Katota prefers to create zines, adopting a “do-it-yourself” approach that allows for limitless creative expression. His passion for the geek world and the arts merges perfectly in the events he participates in, celebrating both nerd culture and artistic expression.


He is a visual artist, comic artist and art educator, with research focused on the aesthetics of the funk movement. He is currently developing “As Crônicas dos Mandrake”, a work that explores the protagonism of young people from the outskirts within the funk universe, highlighting its cultural and social relevance.

This approach highlights the significant influence of nerd culture on contemporary art, celebrating the diversity and creative expression of peripheral communities.


Graduated in graphic design from Escola Panamericana de Artes, he is an illustrator and comic artist, publishing online since 2012.

From 2021 onwards, he collaborated on several anthologies and zines, standing out in the independent scene with works such as “A Zica”, “Revista Pé De Cabra”, “Riscos no Escuro”, “Splash Page” and the anthology “Afrofuturismo volume 3 ”, published by Kitembo publishing house.

In addition to illustrating the Afrofuturist adventure “Por Um Fio”, he created and edited the three volumes of “Almanaque Kitembo”.

His authorial project, “O Show do Bilola” by “Revista Pé de Cabra”, addresses topics such as gentrification through a humorous approach, resonating strongly with the nerd community on Nerd Pride Day.

Felipe Folgosi

Felipe Folgosi has more than 30 years of career as an actor in cinema, theater and television. With a degree in Cinema from FAAP and a specialization in scriptwriting from UCLA, Felipe released his first comic, “Aurora”, in 2015.

Since then, he has published several comics, including “Comunhão”, “Um Outro Dia”, “Chaos”, “Knock Me Out”, “Omega” and “Lambo”. He is currently working on his eighth publication.

In 2018, the artist created the course “Narrativa – O Contador de Histórias” on the Savoá platform and released the documentary “Traço Livre” about the comics scene in Brazil, winning the HQMix Award in the same year. More recently, in 2023, he released the film “Rodeio Rock”, acting as screenwriter, actor and associate producer.

Nerd Pride Day in São Paulo
Date: May 25th
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm
Location: Biennial Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park (entrance through Gate Three) – Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n
Tickets: Free

Source: CNN Brasil

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