Governor of RN tells interlocutors she does not see the need for GLO

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Interlocutors of the governor of Rio Grande do Norte, Fatima Bezerra (PT), told the CNN see no need to call Assurance of Law and Order (GLO) at this time.

GLO operations take place in cases where the traditional public security forces are exhausted, in serious situations of disturbance of order.

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The reading is that Rio Grande do Norte is receiving the collaboration of the national security forces with the sending of personnel and equipment.

In addition, the PT governor’s allies recall that the governments of Paraíba and Ceará, which border the RN, are also collaborating with troops and helicopters.

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Perception, according to sources with which the CNN talked about, is that the violence rates are decreasing, although the situation is still very worrying. However, these interlocutors claim that, if necessary, the governor herself will ask GLO.

Sources at the Planalto Palace and the Ministry of Justice informed this Friday (17) the CNN that the government is considering summoning the Armed Forces for an operation to guarantee law and order in Rio Grande do Norte.

The state has suffered four days of attacks by criminals. At least 45 cities were the target of actions against commerce, public banks and vehicles.

Until tomorrow, the government is evaluating the impact of a wide-ranging police operation carried out this Friday (17) with the execution of search and seizure warrants against members of the criminal faction suspected of leading the attacks.

If the operation is not enough to stop the attacks, chances are real that the Armed Forces will be summoned.

In these GLO actions, the Armed Forces act episodically, in a restricted area and for a limited time, to preserve public order, the integrity of the population and guarantee the regular functioning of institutions.

The decision on the exceptional use of troops is made by the Presidency of the Republic, whether or not motivated by the governors or presidents of the other constitutional powers.

This Friday afternoon, Congress President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) sent a letter to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) asking that the Forces be summoned.

Source: CNN Brasil

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