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Gracyanne says she still talks to Belo every day: “Love of my life”

Gracyanne Barbosa 40, gave new details about the break up with Belo 50, and revealed that she and the singer continue to speak daily even after the end of the marriage.

“At no point was there a lack of love, we love each other, I’m sure he loves me”, said Gracyanne while participating in the Sabadou com Virginia program.

“I can't speak for him, but as we talk every day, at no point did we argue about not talking to each other, about blocking each other, I'm sure of my love for Belo, I'm sure he's the love of my mother. life”, confessed the influencer.

Gracyanne also said that the repercussion of the couple's problems in the media made it difficult for them to come to terms with each other: “After we talked, we were already in that situation of 'let's get back together' and then a lot of things came out that forced us to move away, So in that sense, I don’t think I know how to deal with it.”

“It’s been 16 years [juntos], it would be very difficult if it were just the two of us. We started this process of distancing last year, I think largely due to work, everyone on their own, minding their own business, and we made a lot of mistakes in this sense. Today, with more calm, I see that we made a mistake as a couple”, she added.

For the influencer, the lack of dialogue was also one of the problems. “I think we wouldn't even think about separation if we were more open in conversation, we let the relationship cool down because of this distance,” she said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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