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Suspected of poisoning businessman in Rio took advantage of the victim’s “emotional need”, says friend

A friend of businessman Luiz Marcelo Antonio Ormond, 44, who died on May 17 after eating a poisoned brigadeirão, told CNN that the main suspect of the crime “took advantage” of a moment of “emotional need” to enter the victim’s life. His body was found on the 20th.

The friend asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, as the main suspect for the crime, psychologist Julia Andrade Cathermol Pimenta, 29 years old, is still at large. Julia was the businessman's girlfriend.

According to delegate Marcos Buss, responsible for investigating the case, the motivation for the crime was economic. “Júlia would be seeking a stable union with the businessman, with the aim of inheriting the assets. With the victim's resistance, she decided to end his life and steal assets and make transactions,” said the delegate.

“I believe Julia took advantage of her profession, which studies minds, to get what she wanted,” said Ormond’s friend. She highlighted that the businessman had met Julia between 2013 and 2014, but that they stopped meeting in mid-2017 after a disagreement.

In her statement to the Civil Police, Julia said that she “had a relationship with Luiz since 2013, but [eram] sporadic.”

In 2020, the psychologist would have reappeared in the businessman’s life. “They then started talking again and soon after, they left. But it was just 'making out', as he knew she had a boyfriend”, said the friend.

Psychologist Julia Andrade Cathermol Pimenta, suspected of having killed businessman Luiz Marcelo Antônio Ormond, poisoned with a brigadeirão

Contacts between the two became more frequent after the death of Ormond's mother last year. “After a week, she started calling him again, asking how he was, if she could see him. And trying to convince him to go out again. She knew he was in bad shape psychologically and tried to take advantage of that,” said the friend.

“After much insistence from her, they went out again. Nothing serious again, as he knew she still had a boyfriend. Until one day he gave in to having a serious conversation between the two. And, on April 19th, she arrived at his house with a suitcase saying that she liked him. That she had broken up with that boyfriend to be with him.”

According to the friend, “Marcelo believed in this whole scene and decided to try something with her and, since then, he has stayed at his house”.

On April 24, five days after the conversation that allegedly took place between the victim and his girlfriend, the businessman updated his status on a social network and announced that he was married.

On April 24, about a month before the crime, businessman Luiz Marcelo Ormond updated his status on a social network and reported that he had gotten married.

“For me, this whole act was a setup for her to stay inside and be able to rob him, as she knew he was in bad shape psychologically. But I never imagined she would kill him. I thought she would try to have a stable union with him and then separate. So much so that I advised him to get married and only through total separation of assets, as I knew that she would not accept it”, reported the friend.

Mother's death

The woman, who spoke to CNN On condition of anonymity, he says that Ormond “was a boy who lived to take care of his mother”.

“After his mother's death, he had been suffering a lot due to her absence, as they both lived in the same house. He was living his life as he could and trying to overcome the loss. But the emptiness inside the house was enormous. The lack of someone with him was very great,” she said.

Call girl

In a statement to the police, gypsy Suyany Breschak, who was arrested for alleged involvement in the crime, stated that Julia was a call girl.

Ormond's friend who spoke to CNN believes that the victim did not know that Julia worked in prostitution. “I can guarantee that, because he was boring with relationships.”

“He valued an upright woman who wanted to grow in life with him. Anyone who knew him knows that he wouldn't have a relationship with Julia if he knew she was a call girl, no matter how emotionally needy he was.”

Júlia Andrade Cathermol Pimenta is being sought by the police

Source: CNN Brasil

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