Green Pass for work, as it works in other countries

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In Italy, the obligation of a Green pass for all workers comes into force from mid-October. It is a measure that no one has taken, so far, in the European Union, on a large scale. In the rest of Europe the green certificate it is required to travel from one state to another, but has different applications within different countries. There are those who do not use it like Spain and Denmark and those who have made it mandatory only in some cases.

London has so far ruled out the Green pass for workers.

Since November, however, it has taken off for home health care personnel.

You do not need a Green Pass for work, for the gym, for the restaurant and for the means of transport. It is not even necessary for the social and health personnel of the RSA. It is used for teachers and health personnel who, alternatively, have to bring negative swabs every two or three days. There are local obligations, different in the regions.

It is not required anywhere. The only obligation is that of the mask in the premises indoors. The Covid safe ticket is an exception, which is used for events with over 1,500 people. However, those arriving in Belgium must have Green Pass with double dose, negative swab within 48 hours or certificate of recovery from Covid in the last 180 days.

Here the Green pass is no longer needed. It has been in place for months for all indoor activities. Now, with 74% two-dose vaccination and a high percentage of immunized over 50s, the restrictions are lifted.

Stockholm is expected to lift the restrictive measures in place from 29 September.

The Green pass is mandatory from 16 years of age in closed places, sports facilities, theaters, cinemas, museums, concerts, weddings. Employers can apply for the Green Pass from workers.

in Germany certification is required to enter indoor, private and public places. It is not needed for public transport, trains and airplanes. It is not mandatory for workplaces, but companies offer incentives to employees who get vaccinated. Tampons have been free so far, but will become paid on 11 October. There are some cities and regions with stricter rules that do not accept tampons, only healing or vaccination certification. The vaccination obligation is for healthcare personnel only.

France is one of the countries where the use of the Green Pass is wider. It is required for restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, museums, sports facilities, festivals, fairs. It is used for long-distance transport as in Italy. It also applies to people who work in these sectors. The first representatives of health personnel without a Green Pass were suspended. In France, those who work in schools do not have to have a green certificate.

The country with the most restrictions is Greece. It is mandatory for bars and restaurants and the negative buffer is not enough. There is an obligation in theaters and on long-distance vehicles. Those who are not vaccinated at work, in the public and private sectors, must take a double swab per week at their own expense. There is the obligation of the vaccine for health and safety personnel.

Vienna is ready to block unemployment benefits to no vax looking for work if they refuse jobs in companies where vaccination is required. It is the employers who can apply for the immunization of employees.

President Biden passed two executive orders last week imposing the vaccine on all federal workers and also on contractors, private companies that work with the public service. The Department of Labor will then ask individuals with over 100 employees to make vaccine or at least testing mandatory for their employees.

According to data published by Sole24Ore, only Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Micronesia and Tajikistan have imposed a vaccination obligation.

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