Greenpace accuses SHEIN of harming health and the environment with its products

Greenpace accuses SHEIN of harming health and the environment with its products

The Shein online store goes from scandal to scandal, as we remember that, a few months ago, it caused controversy for the documentary that exhibited the way in which its factories operate and for the cultural appropriation of which it has been repeatedly accused, Now it has been made public, due to the media, that Greenpeace accuses it of using dangerous chemicals in its products after detecting large amounts of components that affect the health of human beings and the environment.

According to media information, the non-governmental organization accused Shein of using chemicals that are dangerous. Furthermore, according to the report SHEIN’s dirty laundrythe company does not comply with the environmental regulations of the European Union on chemical substances.

According to the Greenpeace statement, 47 products from the store and the website were analyzed. Of the total garments, 15 percent of them contained hazardous chemicals that exceed regulatory limits, while five exceeded limits by a further 100 percent. In addition, 15 articles contained very worrying levels.

Due to this situation, Greenpeace denounced Shein’s negligent attitude regarding the environmental and health risks of humans due to the misuse of these dangerous substances. In addition, in their statement they ensure that the analyzed products were purchased in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, as well as the physical store in Munich, Germany.

It is understood that some of the Shein products that were most contaminated were women’s footwear and clothing, as well as clothing for children and babies. Substances were found in these products that can cause nose cancer and nasopharyngeal tumors in the long term. The NGO affirms that the company not only puts the life and health of its clients at risk, but also that of its workers and suppliers of its factories.

In this way, the organization asked the European Union to enforce its laws on chemical products to stop harming the well-being of people and the environment.

Source: Okchicas