Grimaldi: It was not a good idea to give Piraeus to the Chinese

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“Fire” against the monopolies in the ports, with clear references to Piraeus, was launched by the strong man of the Grimaldi Group and incoming president of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Emanuele Grimaldi, at an event in Rome.

“Certainly giving the port to the Chinese was not a good idea,” he said, according to Italian media. “A system must be set up to prevent the private monopoly from abusing its position. Tariffs at the port have doubled. A monopoly company should not be given the opportunity to do so,” Grimaldi added.

In fact, he announced his intention to send a relevant proposal, which is under study, to the Greek Ministry of Shipping. “The opinion of the ministry is necessary,” he noted.

He had expressed his annoyance for the “increase of fees” in the port, where he also operates with vehicle transport lines, during his presence at a recent conference in Valencia.

At the Rome event, Mr Grimaldi also referred to the “green” transition of the shipping industry, possible ship launch options in the future, the geopolitical “games” around the issue, but also the increased transport costs.

G. Georgiou


Source From: Capital

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