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Gringa shared his “corn recipe” using canned grains and it is a real offense

Self-respecting Mexican, if she doesn’t like elotes, at least she knows how to prepare them. However, we could call ourselves lucky for that general culture that our country has instilled in us from generation to generation and although we are not experts in the kitchen, we know how to prepare good Esquites, yes with butter, mayonnaise, cream, cheese, chili the one that itches or the one that doesn’t itch, extra sauce or dressing in case you prefer it… and we don’t continue anymore because we feel like it.

The fact is that we all know the minimum, such as that the Esquites or shelled corn have to be natural and not canned. However, an American girl came up with the great idea of ​​making a tutorial on how to make a “corn salad” using a can of grains, because she considers that they are just as tasty as natural ones. Meanwhile, Mexicans are on the brink of an emotional breakdown!

shelled corn

Janelle Rohner shared in a video her famous recipe called Mexican Street Corn Salad, that is, the “Mexican street corn salad”. Although he took great care to make it look good, for us, experts who know about elotera gastronomy, it was an aberration to see how he used canned grains. However, that was not all, because the girl added coriander when in some regions of Mexico epazote is traditionally used.

gringa with her corn salad

Another of his occurrences was to add as a secret ingredient, and to give it “flavor”, Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. As if that wasn’t enough, Janelle said that she should only bring one and a half teaspoons of chili powder. What an aberration! For a Mexican or Mexican, if it is spicy, there is no limit.


Of course, this recipe sparked criticism from Internet users, who pointed out that everything was wrong, since its ingredients are very different from those that the dish should originally have. Also, it’s not a salad. More than one user has considered that this tutorial just wanted to gain attention, regardless of the content. For her part, Janelle has not said anything about it and has not deleted the video either, since she is convinced that her recipe is delicious.

Source: Okchicas

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