Guide to request the Valencian tourist voucher: the only requirement is a digital certificate

The user will have to sign a responsible declaration in which they ensure that they are registered in the Community. The first period opens on Tuesday and ends in March 2021. The second will be from October 13 to December 31 next year.


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The Valencian Government approved last Friday the decree that launches the tourist voucher, a pioneering initiative in the region that seeks to encourage the internal market of the Valencian Community (it can only be used in accommodation and travel agencies of the autonomous communities) with a subsidy of 70% on the total amount of the reservation, up to a ceiling of 600 euros. The platform on line that will bring together the offer is launched on Tuesday, October 20 at 12 noon, and will remain active until the entire budget is exhausted: about four million until March 24, with a second phase of ten million between October 13 and December 31, 2021. Each person can only request the voucher once for each of the two proposed periods

What steps must be followed to access the tourist voucher? Beneficiaries of these grants may be the natural persons of legal age who are registered in a municipality of the Community Valenciana and enroll in the program. This registration will be done either electronically, through the computer tool developed by Turismo Comunidad Valenciana (that is, the platform on line which is launched on the 20th), or directly through the tourist accommodation establishments or travel agencies that are attached to the program.

In both cases, it will be necessary for the applicant have an advanced electronic signature based on a recognized certificate, in accordance with the provisions of Decree 220/2014 of the Consell, which approves the Electronic Administration Regulations of the Valencian Community. This certificate will be issued by the Generalitat or by any other certification service provider entity with which the Generalitat has signed an agreement. If the client makes the registration through the tourist accommodation establishments or travel agency, the interested person must grant representation to the company to formalize the reservation object of the aid.

As the text of the decree indicates, a mandatory requirement is that the applicant be registered in any municipality of the Community. However, in principle, it will not be necessary to provide any supporting documentation (that is, it is not necessary to request a record of the register in a municipal office) but to sign a responsible declaration where the person who hires the holidays claims to have this condition. This declaration will be validated with the digital certificate. Subsequently, the Valencian Government technicians will decide, in case there are doubts in any specific case, if it is necessary to present any additional accreditation.

What type of vacation can be booked with this voucher? Well, it is quite flexible, because the procedures to be completed do not depend on the user, but on the company. The only condition is that there is a minimum of two overnight stays. In the case of being an accommodation establishment, the normal thing is that it offers the services of its type (hotel or apartment, for example) while travel agencies will have the possibility of closing tourist packages with complementary services, such as gastronomic experiences, adventure or routes.

The decree also contemplates the possibility of a “lack of budgetary allocation” due to the “volume of registrations registered in the system”. In that case, it will be confirmed by email to the client the registration of their registration and their inclusion in the waiting list. Once the Valencian Community Tourism computer system assigns you a promotional code number, you must wait for your reservation to be accepted.

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