Indra expands its ERE to include 6,000 workers from its Systems division

This new collective dismissal procedure for the area dedicated to transport, defense and air traffic joins that of information technology, which is being negotiated with the unions since Monday.


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Indra has presented a new collective dismissal procedure, in this case at Indra Sistemas, which would affect some 6,000 workers, in addition to the one already presented for Indra IT Solutions for 13,000 employees, union sources have reported.

These sources have pointed out that the new procedure is carried out under articles 50 and 40 of the Workers’ Statute, which regulates collective dismissal, and geographical mobility and transfers.

As in the previous case, the company alleges as causes the decrease in profits and the need to transform the workforce, the same sources have indicated.

Indra Sistemas is the Indra group company dedicated to transport, defense and air traffic, while Indra Soluciones TI is the information and information technology company.

In the case of the latter, this Friday the negotiating table was set up and on Monday the unions will be summoned to begin the negotiation.

Plan in July

Indra announced in July in the presentation of its results an action plan to overcome difficulties related to the economic crisis, adapt to new market and demand conditions, eliminate inefficiencies and improve its competitiveness.

At the time, the company already stated that in September it would convene the workers’ representatives to initiate conversations to address in a dialogue manner the concrete measures necessary for this transformation of the workforce.

The general plan of action focuses on cost efficiency and prioritization of investments and resources, based on the proactive management of new demand and revenue boost, while taking advantage of technological capabilities and accelerating the transformation of the company’s operations, according to Indra.

Its main lines of action include: overall cost reduction, not personnel, the improvement of internal processes and new work models, the reorientation of investment and balance sheet adjustments, together with the necessary transformation plan for the workforce.

Company sources have indicated that they are open to analysis and negotiation of the possible measures that may be proposed by the representatives of the workers to help overcome the difficulties related to the structural changes of their business and the economic crisis.

Indra’s total workforce is 48,228 people, 2% less than in 2019, of which 58% work in Spain, and 32% in America.

In Spain, where it has 53% of its business, Indra earned 787 million euros (927 million dollars) up to June, 0.7% less than in the first half of last year.

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